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Dangerous Noise

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This is an mp3 rotation run by poipu, sanskirt and sinspire. Here we will each make (more or less) weekly entries featuring songs that we love and wish to share with others. Some weeks we may have a theme for our song choices, other weeks it may just be whatever we feel like listening to. Also, feel free to check out our lists of artists and see if you would like to request a song that we have. Poipu's playlist can be found here, Sanskirt's here, and Sinspire's here. Happy listening~ ♥

1. Comment whenever you download a song. You do not have to be an lj user to comment.
2. When you join the community, please comment to one of the entries just to announce your presence.
3. Do not hotlink our music uploads anywhere else.
4. If you like what you hear, please support the musical artist by purchasing his or her album.
5. Do not request more than 3 songs at one time. Unless maybe if you ask really nice.
6. Don't flame. If you don't like our music, we couldn't care less. Scram.
7. We will usually use Sendspace to upload our songs. Therefore, the downloads will become inactive after 1 week.
8. If you want us to re-upload a song or upload it onto a different site, feel free to request so in the song's particular rotation entry or one of the request entries.

If you are interesting in pimping your own mp3 rotation community, feel free to affiliate with us by replying to this post!


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